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Firm: Pest-Techs Pest Control, LLC
TIN: 86-0637701
Az Dept of Ag, Office of Pest Management business license: 2173
DUNS: 799025291

Owner: Phyllis M. Farenga
Az Dept of Ag, Office of Pest Management Qualifying Party license: 646
Az Dept of Ag, Office of Pest Management Pesticide Applicator license: 790080

Phone: 520-260-4207

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 565
Marana 85653

Physical address:
11470 W Tortolita St
Marana 85658


Pest-Techs was started by Phyllis Farenga in 1982 after diligently working to receive her "A" Arizona pest control license. Phyllis is the first and only female to hold the coveted unlimited "A" license, allowing her to perform pest control in all categories of structural pest control. Pest-Techs has been serving the southern Arizona area for 38 years and was one of the first pest control companies to embrace eco-friendly pest management services. Pest-Techs was using integrated pest management methodologies before IPM was widely known and is a leader in the use of reduced-risk pesticide systems and the use of FIFRA-exempt 25B pesticides when appropriate.

Phyllis Farenga, owner of Pest-Techs Pest Control, holds a degree in Purdue Pest Control Management from State University New York at Farmingdale University, graduating in 1978. Phyllis was trained by Dr. Austin Frishman, a noted Cornell entomologist. Phyllis studied medical entomology, plant pathology, economic entomology and weed science with Dr. Frishman. Dr. Frishmen pioneered work/study programs in pest control in the mid 1970s. Phyllis has 45 years of practical experience in all aspects of pest control.

Pest-Techs is a small but highly capable pest control company. Pest-Techs has provided structural pest control service to the City of Tucson, VA Hospital, Pima Community College, Arizona Public Services (APS), United States Boarder Patrol, City of Hermosillo (Sonora, Mexico), University of Arizona, Wagons West Resorts, Tucson Mall, North Ranch Development, Marana School District, Pioneer Properties, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, United Way, Pima County Parks and Recreation, Williams Air Force Base, Luke Air Force Base, Reid Park Zoo and many other customers large and small.

Pest-Techs is a customer driven service company that can perform all aspects of pest control including termite, insects and other arthropods, weeds, birds, rodents and other vertebrae pests. We also have horticultural expertise with a certified arborist who holds a degree in plant sciences.


Our philosophy is Down To Earth Protection. We provide down to earth pricing for the substantial value your are receiving. Whenever possible, we use environmentally low impact products to service our accounts.

Pest-Techs specializes in hiring seasoned, experienced and well educated experts. We have an excellent record of retention, with 25 years team retention being typical. We have built a small expert team that has well over a hundred years of combined experience. We do not employ inexpensive uncaring technicians. We are not bigger - we are better in all things pest control.

The Pest-Techs team specializes in using the safest and most effective technologies available in pest management. Pest-Techs was utilizing the concepts of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) long before the concept became popular. We use borates and FIFRA-exempt 25b and OMRI-rated pesticides when appropriate.

Pest-Techs can help businesses and governments maintain their LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building certifications and even increase the number of LEED points available. Pest-Techs specializes in using LEED "least toxic" pesticides and will assist businesses and governments to meet all notification standards to meet LEED certification requirements if other pesticides are required.

The Pest-Techs team will work with businesses and governments employees to identify conditions that are conducive to pest infestations. Pest-Techs will then suggest how you can make changes to those conditions to reduce the likelihood of future pest infestations. Pest-Techs believes strongly in the preventative aspects of IPM.

Pest-Techs will provide all services needed to address your situation, specifically the application of both inside and outside barrier barriers to prevent pest infestations. We do all work to the federal pesticide labels. We will select the most appropriate formulations and methods to address the conditions specific to each location to control and eliminate the pests. The Pest-Techs team members are experienced and fully capable of ascertaining the specific requirements for each site.

Pest-Techs suggests that large facilities maintain a log book of pest sightings so that issues can be recognized early and addressed immediately. The log also provides a history that can be used to anticipate problems before they happen or may suggest modifications to be made to address specific areas or pests.

Additional capabilities:

In addition to the typical service call involving roaches, ants, spiders, scorpions, wasps, crickets, mites, fleas, lice, silverfish, gnats, weevils, bedbugs, carpet beetles and moths, rats and mice, Pest-Techs is capable of providing a much broader range of pest control services. Here are just a few examples.

Weed control. The most desirable weed control method is to use pre-emergents. Pre-emergents prevent seeds in the treated soil from germinating and growing into adult plants. Pre-emergents are very cost effective as the cost of the pre-emergent application is offset by the labor needed to kill and/or remove growing weeds. An ounce of prevention (i.e., stopping the weeks from germinating) is worth a pound of cure (i.e., having to pull weeds after they have grown.) For weeds that have already germinated or certain species not well controlled by pre-emergents, we recommend eco-friendly FIFRA-exempt 25b post-kill products.

Termite control. Termite inspections require a separate license from termite treatments. Pest-Techs has both licenses and can inspect for termites as well as treat any infestations found. The latest technologies and formulations are very eco-friendly, attacking certain aspects of a termite's life cycle. For instance, the borate formulations are some of the most effective and safest for use around children and pets.

Bird control. There are three primary forms of bird control. The first is exclusion - which seeks to prevent the birds from landing and nesting. This requires careful design and installation of exclusion devices and can provide a long term solution. The second method uses various types of repellants - visual, audio, tactile and chemical - that make the birds believe the site is unsuitable for habitation. The third method is to use birth control to prevent the local bird population from increasing and is supported by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and other animal welfare groups. The optimum method depends on the circumstances and the facility being protected.

Olive control. Olive fruit dropping from the tree can make a mess and can disfigure walkways and carpeting. We have eco-friendly formulations that will control the plant fruiting process.

Bee control. We now have technology that allows us to trap bee scouts and queens and this technology will prevent hives from locating in the treated area and is very eco-friendly. If a hive locates in an untreated area, the queen and hive can be removed, often providing the queen and hive a new home in an agricultural setting.

Ornamental and horticultural. A member of our team is a certified arborist with a license from ALCA (Association of Landscapers and Contractors of America) with a certificate of achievement in forestry from the Arizona State Land Department and Arizona Community Tree Council.

Soil fumigation. Soil fumigation is rarely needed but is sometimes the only practical method to handle certain pests such as nematodes.

Pest-Techs is the small hometown pest control company that can solve all of your pest control problems.