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Trade show imagePest-Techs owner Phyllis M. Farenga says: "When you hire Pest-Techs, you hire our knowledge." We personalize and tailor your service - something the national chains can't do.

Farenga started her company in 1982 after a national chain fired her for being too intelligent. Farenga holds the most prestigious Class A pest control license allowing her to perform any type of pest control. She has a certificate from Perdue University Pest Management as part her Economic Entomology degree from Farmingdale University. The degree also included plant pathology and weed sciences.

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NAICS# 56170
SIC Code# 89
DUNS# 799025291

Pest-Techs combines the best of traditional and modern methods. For instance, boric acid has been around for centuries because it is very effective and ecologically responsible. Bora-Care is a modern form that can be used to treat for termites and comes with a 12 year manufacturer-backed warranty - and is the longest lasting termite treatment available. Bora-Care treats the wood frame and the concrete slab and is effectively a permanent treatment. It will still be protecting the wood decades after it is applied. Conventional termite treatments use hundreds of gallons of soil poisons but those soil poisons migrate and wash out of the soil over time. Soil poisons are also harmful to people and pets. People often report termites returning in 2 to 5 years after conventional termiticide soil poisons are used.

Another example of good pest management is using pre-emergent to prevent weeds from germinating. If you spray a pre-emergent in the spring and fall, you can keep weeds from growing all year long. Using a pre-emergent is an inexpensive way to control obnoxious weeds without harming trees, shrubs or grass lawns. Preventing weeds is much easier than pulling or poisoning weeds after they grow.

White House PartyFarenga not only started the first pest control company in Marana, she is also a community advocate. Over the last 28 years, Farenga become a White House Delegate representing small business and setting agenda for Congress. Statistics show that when you hire a small business 45 cents of each dollar stays in the community instead of the typical 13 cents per dollar from large chain stores. A small business creates better paying jobs than the large chain stores.

CofCFarenga started two local Chambers of Commerce, one of which was the Marana Chamber of Commerce. She sat on many different Boards, Councils and Think Tanks, including Governor's Board of Affirmative Action, State Contract Compliance, Marana's Planning and Zoning Commission. Farenga was also a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate), representing abandoned and abused children in Count.


Marana Chamber of Commerce 25th Anniversarey

The Maranna Chamber of Commerce celebrated its 25th Anniversary, 2012 Annual Meeting and State of the Chamber on Sept. 20 at the Tower Theatres. Marana Mayor Ed Honea, and former Marana Chamber Executive Driectors Phyllis Farenga and Kelle Maslyn help hand out certificates to businesses who have been members of the chamber for 10 years or longer.

Pest-Techs supports future business woman through the Girl Scout's leadership programs. Below the Scouts are participating in the Marana Founder's Day parade to receive their entrepreneur and parade badges.


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From: Arizona Daily Star
Business section, Aug. 2, 2017

Pest-Techs: The pest control company has been selected for the 2017 Best of Marana Award in the pest-control category by the Marana Award Program. Each year the Marana Award Program recognizes local businesses throughout Marana area for using the best practices and implementing programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value. Pect-Techs, which serves both residential and commercial clients, is owned by Phyllis Farenga.